Teeth whitening products use bleaches (either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) to break stains into smaller pieces, which make them harder to see and make your teeth brighter.

These bleaches do not work on teeth that have fillings, porcelain restorations (veneers, caps/crowns, and bridges), or if they have been discolored due to medications or injury.

It is important to consult with Dr. Goodwin before you begin any bleaching treatment. Many bleach products that are available outside of the dental office promise drastic changes, but the products and use are not supervised by a dentist. Non-professional products can cause tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, burning of the gums and lips, can cause permanent damage to the nerves of the tooth/teeth.

Options for teeth whitening usually include whitening toothpastes, at-home bleaching, and in-office bleaching.

Our office is proud to offer whitening toothpaste, custom home bleach kits (with trays and bleach solution), and Zoom™ In-Office bleaching.