In our office, we are proud to offer porcelain crowns (caps) for our patients.

A crown is a permanent covering that protects the portion of your natural tooth above your gum line. Crowns are strong and dependable restorations that are permanently cemented onto your own natural teeth. By strengthening and reconstruction the top portion of your tooth with a crown, Dr. Goodwin is able to preserve the roots of the teeth as well as the surrounding bone and the gum tissue.

Since crowns are designed to provide strength and protection for your natural teeth, they are typically recommended when your own teeth have been fractured or broken. A crown will also be recommended when there are signs that the natural tooth is too weak to withstand forceful biting or chewing. This includes teeth that have large fillings, excessively worn teeth, and teeth that have been treated with a Root Canal procedure. Following the placement of a dental implant, a dental crown is the finishing touch that makes an artificial tooth look attractive and lifelike.

If you have any questions about porcelain crowns, feel free to contact ustoday at (435) 257-7016.